About Us

Who We Are

Saaron Management Inc. is a professional property management company operating across Toronto and the GTA region.

Our services span the full spectrum of managing commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. With roots in the construction industry and long-standing relationships with skilled experts in the trades, we are fully equipped to oversee upgrades and repairs to your building.

Whether you are an investor with multi-unit holdings or a single-dwelling property owner living abroad, Saaron Management’s experienced property management team will ensure that your building is maintained to the highest possible standard.


Saaron actually existed long before it got it’s name. The Puppi family has built and managed buildings for over 50 years. In 2003 the property management arm of the company was officially born. It was run by Harvey Puppi until his untimely death in April 2016. His son, Aaron now carries on his legacy with pride.


To provide the most concise information and manage buildings to a level beyond expectation.


To give customers the sense that everything about their property is at their fingertips without them ever having to leave their homes.